Our Commitment

Purple Oak Consultants combines sensitivity to client need with exceptional standards of practice.  With confidence it provides the broad reach and engagement clients desire, the micro to macro considerations required and the innovative applications needed to foster and nurture sustainable results.  At every opportunity it builds upon individual and collective intelligence and experience to move knowledge to action, evidence into practice.  Purple Oak Consultants effectively works closely with its clients, collaborates with stakeholders and experts, colleagues and its networks to create customized results and solutions for a wide range of situations and requirements. 

Our approach is guided by five core principles and their attributes:

Transparency - open communication and sharing
Integrity - genuine, respectful and caring professionalism
Accountability - responsibility for actions, services, products and policies
Quality - work excellence with attention to detail
Creativity - inspired thinking, integration of concepts and learnings, innovation

Purple Oak Consultants’ Code of Ethics and Privacy Policy guide its work and relationships.

                        Code of Ethics  [pdf PDF 454.4 kb]

                        Privacy Policy  [pdf PDF 55.1 kb]


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