Our Story

Many stories about successful partnerships and businesses remark upon beginnings inspired by an idea, motivated by a particular passion, precipitated by a succession of inevitable events and perhaps even predestined by the force of fate.  This is Our Story.

It began in the Spring of 2004 ... 

Our experience and mutual interest in Canadian social and health policy, program and service lead to an opportunity to work together while we were employed with the federal government.  We were soon to realize that we had many things in common. 

We equally shared an eagerness to be a part of change.  We held a driving desire to make a difference for the health and well-being of people and their communities.  We were energized by the dynamics inherent in the fields of public service, social and health policy and program.  We found brilliance amongst our talented team mates, colleagues and networks.  We marveled at the supreme value of the collective intelligence while honouring the presence and power of the individual. 

a strong work ethic mixed with a healthy balance of perseverance and ingenuity would address some of the greatest challenges to achieving goals and objectives

A strong work ethic mixed with a healthy balance of perseverance and ingenuity would address some of the greatest challenges to achieving goals and objectives.  Self-awareness provided personal clarity, focus and conviction.  Authenticity, emotional and social intelligence helped keep the human element present in the organizational culture.  There was a knack for wit and great senses of humour that would fill the atmosphere with contagious laughter during some of the most tenuous of tasks. 

There was no doubt that we enjoyed working together.  It would come to be that the synergy of our values, knowledge, abilities and ways of working was our greatest strength. 

It happened that for a year and a half our public service careers would take us in different directions.  We would periodically get together to share ideas or to challenge one another in ways that would enhance or polish works in progress.  We each honed our skills in research, policy analysis and development, and project development and management.  We lead or engaged in strategic planning, network development, team building and management, collaboration, leadership, mentorship, counsel, teaching and facilitation.

Then in February 2006 another opportunity to work together came to fruition.  It didn’t take long before we would learn through stakeholders, our networks and colleagues that our individual expertise complimented one another perfectly, that the results of our innovation and integrated competencies were “remarkable”.  There was a sense that we had worked together for years, a confidence that belied our actual time of affiliation.  It was again evident that our combined contributions were significant.  It was suggested that we were a unique and powerful resource in the world of social, health policy and program planning and development.  We were referred to as a “dynamic duo”  and as the “Power Sharpe Solution”. 

Amongst the motivating accolades and successes was the realization that personally and professionally we were evolving, transforming in fact.  The environments within which we engaged no longer fit with our greatest aspirations - to facilitate and support organizational innovation and societal change.  A major decision and opportunity was presenting itself. 

Purple Oak Consultants was founded in May 2008

Purple Oak Consultants is the creative integration of our personal and professional education, experience and competence in the public, private and non-profit sectors in the fields of social and health service, program and policy.  The practice is rooted in professional excellence, grounded in the commitment to build upon individual and collective knowledge and experience, open to innovation and transformation.  Purple Oak Consultants works with groups and organizations - small or big, community or international - that share the desire to foster the betterment of the health and well-being of people and their communities. dingbat

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