Program Evaluation

Summative evaluation is the process of determining the ‘value’ or utility of any program, policy or initiative; a process that can pose particular challenges to those who must monitor, measure and report in environments of change, multiple demands and expectations.  Informed by years of social and health program experience and education, Purple Oak Consultants;

from concept to completion knowing what matters, why it matters, and what to do about it is pivotal

  • utilizes an illuminative evaluation approach which is a commonsense but critical mode of evaluation - familiarization, observation, inquiry, explanation and reporting
  • assesses needs and expectations, reviews program concept, design and practices, and conducts process analysis, impact analysis, cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analyses
  • facilitates qualitative, participatory, action research
  • analyzes and synthesizes data and conducts other intelligence gathering activity to determine program relevance and effectiveness.

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